About Us



LifeBites Media’s (LBM) mission is to use the power of entertainment to get people thinking about their lives by creating inspiring and engaging content that is fun and entertaining.

We live in a quick fix, want-it-here-and-now society. It’s also a society of people who are looking for more meaning in their lives. LBM fits into that “on-demand” culture by giving people accessible, entertaining and stimulating multimedia content that brings focus to life issues and topics. LifeBites’® motto is “Take A Bite Out of Life Before Life Takes a Bite Out of You!”

LifeBites is an interactive, multi-platform content and commerce company based in Los Angeles, Calif. The company creates products and services that educate as well as entertain. With more consumers taking control of their lives – yet not having enough time to do it all – LifeBites is providing the next-step solution in their anywhere, anytime lifestyle. The company has developed the unique ability to broadly target the emotional and psychological needs of people by creating fun and entertaining products and services that can be incorporated into everyday life.