1. When and where is the wedding?

The wedding is happening on July 13, 2024, at 4:30 PM and the ceremony and reception will be held at Lake Side Barn, 13067 Lake Shore Dr, Nampa, ID 83686

2. What is the weather in July for the Boise area?
  • Temperature: The average high temperatures are usually around 90°F (32°C), while the average low temperatures can be around 60°F (16°C).
  • Sunshine: July is one of the sunniest months, with long, sunny days. Sunset is around 9:15PM-9:30PM.
  • Rainfall: There's generally minimal rainfall in July, making it one of the drier months.
  • Humidity: The humidity is usually low, contributing to more comfortable conditions despite the heat.
3. What is the dress code?
  • Ladies, please feel comfortable in summer dresses or cocktail attire, perfect for a warm, outdoor celebration.
  • Gentlemen, we recommend a balance between casual and cocktail—think smart casual with a touch of elegance. Light suits or dress shirts with slacks are ideal for the occasion."
4. Are children welcome?

Yes, children are welcome.

5. What are the accommodations options?
6. Is transportation provided?


7. What's the plan in case of bad weather?

The wedding is scheduled to be outdoors, and on the slight chance it rains, the wedding will be moved inside the barn.

8. How to RSVP?

You will receive a formal wedding invitation that includes an RSVP card. Additionally, for your convenience, an online RSVP form will be integrated into our wedding website. This option will be available closer to the wedding date, allowing for an effortless way to confirm your attendance

9. Are there any pre-or-post-wedding events?


10. What is the parking situation at the venue?

Parking at the wedding venue is free and there will be plenty of parking.

11. Can we take photos/share on social media?

Yes, but only with friends would be welcomed not set on public settings.

12. Is there a gift registry?

There will be a gift registry, TBD.

13. Who do I contact for more questions?

Contact Nina Boski (Bride) at 310-567-5433 or the Wedding Planner, Shelby Donald at 303-501-2627 or