New Moon In Scorpio - Intense Transformation on All Levels

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Get ready to dive deep and set your world alight, 'cause on November 13th at 7 PM, we're gathering for a New Moon in Scorpio Intention and Grounding Ritual that you won’t want to miss. Now, if you're into cosmic vibes, you know that a new moon is like the universe hitting the refresh button on your life. It's the perfect time for new beginnings, and with Scorpio stirring the pot, expect some serious magic to happen.
Scorpio's that mysterious friend who's all about the real talk and deep dives into the soul. So, bring your authentic self to this space.  This Scorpio new moon is going to pull out truths and feelings you've been keeping on the down-low, and honey, it's time to let 'em shine bright to be healed.
Here's the scoop for our night of mystical experience:
Intention Setting: Think about what you really want – what stirs your soul, what calls to your heart. We’re going to take those whispers and turn them into realities.

Creating Sacred Space: You’ll need to get cozy, so grab those cushions, light some candles, and maybe even throw in a crystal or two. Create a vibe that says ‘this is where I make magic happen.’

Grounding Ritual: We’ll guide you through a grounding ritual that’s going to connect you to the earth and to your deepest self. It’s all about finding that solid ground so you can rise strong.
And hey, it's not just about the Scorpio – every zodiac sign's getting a piece of this pie, with the new moon lighting up a unique corner of our lives. So, whether you’re a feisty Aries or a cool Aquarius, there’s something in this cosmic event for you.

Grab your journal, your favorite pen, and an open heart, and let’s make some magic under the Scorpio sky. We're all about exploring those shadowy parts with a curious spirit, and we’ll do it together, step by passionate step.

Don't miss out on ending your year with the ultimate reset. Come vibe with us, set those intentions, and let's ground ourselves in the energy that only Scorpio can bring.

Catch you on the flip side,
Nina 🌙✨

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