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Are you with me?

With Coach, Nina Boski


Starting February 1st, 2023, and for all of February, we will be doing a 28-day challenge around a specific goal or theme you want to “be better” at or accomplish. There will be daily check-ins with weekly exercises to help you achieve better results and be accountable for the goal you set out to accomplish. For me, I am choosing Health and Wellness. I am losing 13 pounds over 90 days and this challenge will help me stay on track with my health goals.

Pick an area of your life or a theme (health and wellness or career and finances, etc.) and you will be accountable to setting your goal by February 1 and sticking to it every day for the month of February. You will have your own private life coach to help you along the way.


  1. Pick one theme, area, or goal that you want to focus on for 28 days,
  2. Pick a mantra or word that you will recite every day,
  3. Weekly calls that happen on Mondays for 15 minutes, 9:00 am PST,
  4. Daily calls – Tuesday through Friday, every morning at 8:00 am PST,
  5. Two-minute check-in per person via a conference call - (short and to the point),
  6. On the weekends, there will be a private FB page with posts and weekend accountability for you to report your check-in. It is simple but concentrated for you to have the courage, discipline, accountability, and motivation to achieve your desired goal or get closer to it.
  7. Keep it positive and always talk about what you are doing, not what you are not doing. If you get off track, say, "I AM NEUTRAL" today. No story, no excuses. Just keep going and get back on the schedule and keep consistent.


  • Maximum 10 people,
  • You are only allowed one absence for the entire challenge (If you are too busy to focus or be committed, this challenge is not for you),
  • If you miss more than one, you are kicked out of the challenge,
  • The cost is $28.00. If you make it through the challenge, you get your money back. If you do not make it, I keep it.
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  1. Are you committed to growing in your life?
  2. Are you ready to up your game?
  3. Are you committed to 2023, a year filled with accomplishment?
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If YES, then join me on the February 28-Day Challenge!